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What are the challenges?

High costs

It takes enormous time and money to set up and operate overseas entities/teams. Any small mistake may lead to significant compliance issues or overwhelmingly high fines.

Compliance risks

Policies & regulations on employment, taxes and benefits vary a lot in different countries, which makes navigating through all these complex compliance rules very challenging.

Culture barriers

Differences in cultures, religions, languages and norms etc. in different countries and regions are shocking barriers for developing and managing overseas businesses.

HRWORK: All-in-one HR platform up in the cloud

Global Smart Human Resources Service Network(GSSN)

Available in 158+ countries/regions around the world

China’s Smart Service Network (CSSN)

  • 324

    With 324 subsidiaries and branches

  • 660+

    Covering more than 660 cities across China

  • CSSN

    Smart HR Service Network all over the country

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We pursue efficiency and convenience, and we care more about security and privacy.
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