ChuHaiYi - Making your global expansion easier with EoR, Payroll and Contractor solutions

Q:Can ChuHaiYi help us to hire?

Yes, ChuHaiYi can provide hiring services: to clarify your JD needs, to track suitable candidates, to interview and make offer, and to onboard employees etc. All employees are hired under employment contracts which is fully complied with local laws and regulations.

Q:What is your international coverage?

ChuHaiYi provides comprehensive hiring, payroll and contractor services in more than 158 countries worldwide. More countries are coming soon. Our local team of in-country specialists will support your business to hire, onboard, pay and manage your global workforce.

Q:How does an EOR help my international expansion?

In addition to the substantial savings associated with setting up a legal entity, engaging an EoR can significantly reduce your ongoing costs. You don't need to worry about running payroll, managing benefits, leaves and expenses. Also we can take on all compliance risks and liabilities for you across different countries/regions.

Q:How does an EOR simplify international payment?

When you engage an EOR, you only need to get one invoice and pay the entity (the EOR) once a month. In contrast, if you have multiple entities in different countries, you need to calculate different salaries and deal with separate employee payments in different currencies.

Q:If I switch from a local entity to an EOR, can I switch back?

Yes. There may be a time in your international expansion where it makes sense to switch from an EoR to your own local entity.  If that happens, we can ensure a smooth transition from EoR to a local entity.

Q:Is it ever a good idea to set up a local entity rather than engaging an EOR?

If there is a need to have a formal legal presence in a new country or you have a large team to employ, establishing a local entity can be a good idea. We can advise and support clients on setting up a local entity.

Q:Why should we choose ChuHaiYi?

ChuHaiYi EoR services enables businesses to easily, quickly and compliantly grow in overseas countries, without worrying about establishing and operating their own entities. Your team can start working compliantly in days and save your expansion costs to a very large extent. ChuHaiYi can also help to manage your payroll, benefits, leaves and expenses in destination countries/regions. Additionally, we can also advice on HR duties, employment and tax compliance regulations.

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